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46th Swiss Photo Antiques and Camera Fair Lichtensteig SG, Switzerland

Since 1976, the lovely, medieval town of Lichtensteig, situated in the eastern Swiss Toggenburg area, comes in sharp focus every year, for thousands of photo and movie enthusiasts, from Switzerland and abroad. The annual Swiss Photo Antiques and Camera Fair meanwhile, is the traditional open-air mega market for anything that makes and shows pictures – either still or moving!

On some 90 large tables, clustering in the photo scenic town centre, you will discover countless goodies – from Daguerre to the silver image, and on to today pixel mania! For sale here are cameras, optics, accessories, together with studio and lab gear of all brands and formats! Great collector’s bargains and fine usable equipments, together with nice literature, movie films and a thousand surprises are displayed here – in Lichtensteig on “Camera day”! The fair starts about 9 am, the “exposure time” is until about 4 pm – and you will be real busy, chasing all those marvels!

The regional Camera Club accepts private articles to be sold on its tables, asking a small commission, This service lets you save time, while looking for other stuff!

If you travel from pretty far, we recommend you to arrive on Saturday, being able to get to the fair early! All hotel information you can find on www.toggenburg.org.

Welcome to Lichtensteig! Just contact us for any helpful infos!

Verkehrsverein Lichtensteig, Postfach 315, CH-9620 Lichtensteig, Switzerland
Tel. +41(0)71 988 61 11,
E-Mail: info@verkehrsverein-lichtensteig.ch